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News Corner

Uovo presents JOSEPH_KIDS!

Uovo Kids

A performance suitable for kids from 5 to 10 years old!

Sunday 29 March h 16.00 and h 17.30

Each adult should be accompanied by one child.

Following the success he received with Joseph, Alessandro Sciarroni’s first solo, which in less than two years has been presented in ten European countries, the Italian artist re-engages with the mechanisms of scenic production, rethinking his piece for an audience of children. In Joseph_kids the performer, alone in front of his laptop, embarks on a quest of his own image, which is constantly reshaped, doubled and (de)composed through a webcam and simple visual effects projected on a screen. The young spectators are turned into witnesses of a transformative process, which starts off as serious and rigorous, but soon becomes ironic and unexpected - with Wild West duels, the appearance of an alien, magic effects with light rays and a surprise ending. The piece leads the children through the discovery of the creative potential of technology, stimulating their observation and intuition.

DiDstudio - Fabbrica del Vapore (via Procaccini,4)


Tickets are available online, check the festival official web suite or

Festival Box Office at Teatro Franco Parenti:

16_20 March h 16.00_19.30
21 March h 10.00_14.30 and h 16.00_19.30
23_24 March h 16.00_19.30
25_29 March h 16.00_21.00

Tickets can only be purchased online and at Teatro Franco Parenti - no tickets available at DiDstudio.