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News Corner

Uovokids 2016

Uovo Kids

Uovokids 7th edition: 
ottobre 2016

The 7th edition of Uovokids is scheduled for 22-23 October 2015, always in the charming spaces of Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci in Milan.

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Parade Moderne

Uovo Kids

Sunday October 18th, h 11am
Castello Sforzesco

free entrance

Parade Moderne is an original project of the French artists Coco Petitpierre et Yvan Clédatè. 

Conceived as a carnival procession, The modern parade is an ambulatory and sculptural piece, made of ten or so characters, joyfully and freely referring to paintings by famous artists from the first half of the XXth Century: Magritte, Ernst, De Chirico, Léger, Munch, Arp, Brauner, Malevitch...Transposed in a three-dimensional space, as live sculptures, these figures come to life in the landscape, as an open-air art history lesson. At the head of the cortege, a child plays Boléro by Ravel.



Uovo Kids

 14_19 April 2015

The first design week devised exclusively around children and their world, held during Milan
Salone del Mobile

Designing for children means taking up a challenge, fighting standardisation, creating objects which encourage (rather than hinder) the spontaneous heterogeneity of approaches of the youngest. Kids Design Week aims to celebrate those who have taken up this challenge, gathering together and promoting an exchange among many of those who, in different parts of the world and in different ways, think it is important to trace sensible lines around the first, uncertain but precious steps of the littlest ones.
In a venue that could not be more apt, among old sailing ships, historical steam engines and cruise ships, under aircraft wings and next to legendary boats of the likes of Luna Rossa, KDW takes place in a playful and fun way in the space of Milan’s Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia.
Big firms and new enterprises who have recently and bravely joined this segment of the market, designers and projects devised ad hoc: they will all share this new way of conceiving the world’s most important design week, contributing to a rich network of exhibits. Their shared objective is to address directly a segment of the public which had never been involved
in such a comprehensive and extensive way.

Discover the program > !

Uovo presents JOSEPH_KIDS!

Uovo Kids

A performance suitable for kids from 5 to 10 years old!

Sunday 29 March h 16.00 and h 17.30

Each adult should be accompanied by one child.

Following the success he received with Joseph, Alessandro Sciarroni’s first solo, which in less than two years has been presented in ten European countries, the Italian artist re-engages with the mechanisms of scenic production, rethinking his piece for an audience of children. In Joseph_kids the performer, alone in front of his laptop, embarks on a quest of his own image, which is constantly reshaped, doubled and (de)composed through a webcam and simple visual effects projected on a screen. The young spectators are turned into witnesses of a transformative process, which starts off as serious and rigorous, but soon becomes ironic and unexpected - with Wild West duels, the appearance of an alien, magic effects with light rays and a surprise ending. The piece leads the children through the discovery of the creative potential of technology, stimulating their observation and intuition.

DiDstudio - Fabbrica del Vapore (via Procaccini,4)


Tickets are available online, check the festival official web suite or

Festival Box Office at Teatro Franco Parenti:

16_20 March h 16.00_19.30
21 March h 10.00_14.30 and h 16.00_19.30
23_24 March h 16.00_19.30
25_29 March h 16.00_21.00

Tickets can only be purchased online and at Teatro Franco Parenti - no tickets available at DiDstudio.

Uovokids' 6th edition: October 2015!

Uovo Kids

The 6th edition of Uovokids is scheduled for 17-18 October 2015, always in the charming spaces of Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci in Milan.

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