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Is it possible to buy tickets for the Science Museum ahead of time? 

No, to date it is not possible to pre-order tickets for the Science Museum online or buy them at the Science Museum’s ticket office beforehand. We will keep you updated should circumstances change. 


How can I book workshops that have a limited number of places?

Workshops with a limited number of places can only be booked once inside the Museum, the day of, at the Uovokids Infopoint starting from 10:15 AM for morning activities and from 2:15 PM for afternoon activities. 
Workshops with a limited number of places cannot be reserved in the days leading up to Uovokids via email or telephone. 


How can I participate in an open workshop?

Open workshops are artistic projects that are only different from those with limited places in terms of participation. They are an integral part of Uovokids and are totally open to everyone, without time limits and at any point during the day (save some occasional exceptions marked in the program).


Is parental supervision required during workshops?

At Uovokids parents can actively participate in the festival’s activities with their kids. In particular, some workshops are specifically designed to bring together kids and adults, while others are created for kids alone. You can find more information in this respect in the complete festival program.