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Uovokids è un innovativo festival pluridisciplinare dedicato alla cultura e alla creatività contemporanea per bambini e adulti.





Uovokids is the most important Italian festival, innovative and multidisciplinary, dedicated to contemporary creativity for kids (0-12) that takes place at the Leonardo da Vinci National Science Museum of Milan.
A new concept of cultural experience, Uovokids is designed for the contemporary family. 
A unique opportunity to explore music, art, architecture, deign, food, science, technology and performing arts in a new and intriguing way. 

Uovokids is a project conceived and created by Uovo.
Uovo is an independent organization founded 2003 with "satellites" in Berlin, London and New York. Uovo conceived and produces artistic and cultural events that go beyond traditional genre confines and places of representation. 

The Format 

The project is structured as a workshop festival that develops new educational and creative opportunities based on the interaction between artists, creatives and children
Uovokids commissions projects to some of the most interesting artists and creatives of the Italian and international scene who do not normally work on projects for children. 
Activities are generally presented in an open format in order to allow families to take part without a specific time limit. Other activities are repeated more times throughout the day(s) and have a limited number of places based on the type of project.

Uovokids is conceived for a new generation of parents and adults who enjoy sharing their free time, interests and lifestyle with their children. 


Since 2013 Uovo is the Italian leader of the European project Bamboo.

Bamboo is a network created in order to support the production, promotion and distribution of artistic projects for children and parents. Participating partners include some of the most innovative and important international institutions: Artsadmin (Londra), Association Cyclo (Lione), CCNR (Rillieux-La-Pape), Dis-patch (Belgrado), Stuk (Leuven). 

Artistic Productions

Since its first edition Uovokids has hosted, commissioned and developed new projects created ad hoc with some of the most important national and international artists and creatives of the contemporary scene. 

To discover the artists and creatives who have collaborated with Uovokids over the years visit the artist gallery.  

The projects and workshops created over the years span various genres that have always characterized Uovokids. 

Discover the photo galleries of Uovokids' various areas of focus: 

  1. Art & Design
  2. Food
  3. Music
  4. Science & Technology
  5. Performing Arts